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The North-East of England – Anglo-Saxons to Vikings

So, I have been asked by the Travelling Surveyor to provide a guest blog entry, sort of a companion to the posts related to our trip to York, Whitby, and Edinburgh. After a little bit of fake disinterest, I thought that this may be a good opportunity to indulge a

Two days in Brighton/Seaford: What do see and do

Brighton is one of those towns that you always want to go back to. I’ve been to Brighton many times, but it was a few years since I last was there, so during the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend (2022), we decided to book two days in Brighton and take our dog Bambino with us. We […]

A day out in Norwich : What to visit and do

I’ve always wanted to visit Norwich and on the last bank holiday weekend we spent a day visiting this beautiful city. It was my husband, my dog “Bambino” and myself this time. We arrived in Norwich at about 11 AM and we parked the car in the town centre at the Rose Lane Car Park. […]

A day out in Ely: What to visit and do

Today was another beautiful day, sunny and warm, ideal for spending outdoors exploring new things. My friends stayed the night and after a generous breakfast in the garden we got ready and headed to Ely. Ely is about 30 minutes from where we live, and the drive is quite straight-forward. I am always amazed by […]

A day out in Cambridge: What to visit and do

As we live only about 45 minutes from Cambridge, I have been there many times. Every time we want to shop for something more special, we go to Cambridge, because the city has a lot to offer compared to our small town. Cambridge also offers a very good range of nice restaurants and every birthday […]

My “Vanilla” Buy-to-Let Project Investment

I had renovated a few houses in the past and had a few buy-to-let properties many years ago. At the time I had small kids and had just landed a full-time job. With my husband also working full time and often far away, it became impossible to manage it all by myself. So, we decided […]

Portmeirion Village

The plan today was to check-out of the hotel and drive up north in the direction of Portmeirion Village, which would take us about 3 hours. We had tickets booked for a visit to Portmeirion Village between 11:30 and 14:00, so we left the hotel about 09:00 and took the A487 north. This was a […]

St Davids/Newport

It was time to move on and we continued with our trip in the direction of the famous St. Davids. St. Davids is located to the north of Tenby and above Haverfordwest, on the west side coast, but still in Pembrokeshire. It is known as the smallest city in Britain because of the magnificent Cathedral […]

Tenby: Town in Wales

Tenby is a beach town in the south-west part of Wales, and it took us about 1 hour and a quarter to get there from Mumbles. It is a picturesque town with fine Victorian architecture in pastel colours. There is plenty to do in Tenby Town, specially in the summer months, when you can enjoy […]

Swansea and Mumbles in Wales

Swansea is the second biggest city of Wales, but it is much nicer than the capital in our opinion. Although it is famous as a party city, it has a much quieter feel, and with so many beautiful beaches nearby, is also a much more attractive place. It hosts the largest indoor market in Wales […]

Liverpool: What to visit and do

Liverpool is a vibrant city offering so much to do for all kind of visitors. Considered a culture city, it has a fair number of museums (second in the UK after London), arts, music, and attractions to keep you busy. Until very recently (July 2021) it had a UNESCO Heritage Status, but unfortunately it lost […]

Llandudno and around

Llandudno is a seaside resort in North Wales and its name means “the church of Tudno” in English. Tudno is the patron saint of the town. The resort is very popular with visitors since the 19th century, characterised by the Victorian architecture alongside the promenade of the beautiful and clean beaches. Besides the nice beaches, […]

York: What to visit and do

This is a city full of history, founded by the Romans, this Medieval city has a lot to offer to the eager history lover and tourists alike. From the middle-aged buildings in The Shambles to the York Minster Cathedral and the medieval walls, the city is very attractive and offers a lot to do and […]

Whitby: What to visit and do

Whitby, the great little town. Whitby is a seaside town in Yorkshire steeped in history, culture, and myths. From its association to Captain Cook’s Endeavour voyages, as well as Bram Stoker taking inspiration from Whitby’s Gothic Abbey for his best-known novel (Dracula), Whitby covers it all. That’s even before we consider Whitby’s cobbled streets and […]

Edinburgh: What to visit and do

This was our third time in Edinburgh. My husband and I went there when we first moved to England 30 years ago, then last year on our way up to The Highlands and now. The previous two times were very quick, and we could not see everything Edinburgh has to offer, so we wanted to […]

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