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The Best in Morretes and Antonina – PR – Brazil

Views from the train

On this post I will highlight the places we visited, the best things to see and best things to do in Morretes and Antonina.

We woke up very early at Radisson Hotel Curitiba and after getting ready we went downstairs for breakfast. Breakfast was plentiful with the usual variety of cold and hot choices.

After breakfast, we checked out and took a taxi to the train station. We had tickets to catch the “Serra Verde Express” at 8 am, a train that goes from Curitiba to Morretes via the mountains, leading to the coast of Paraná.

“Litorina” Carriages


We reserved the “Litorina de Luxo” category ticket that included one way ticket to Morretes with a further stop at Mirante do “Santuário Nossa Senhora do Cadeado”. The fare also included a welcome drink, a snack sandwich and as many drinks as you wanted such as water, coffee, tea, soft-drinks, and beer. In addition there was a bilingual guide as well. We travelled on the Litorina Curitiba carriage, but they have other carriages in the same category.

Besides the Litorina, there are other cheaper categories on the train that do not include the drinks and the carriages are not as comfortable and luxurious. However, it is on the same train, and everybody gets there at the same time.

The trip takes 4 hours, so we decided to treat ourselves in a more comfortable class and indulge on the views from the large windows.

Inside “Litorina”

The train left at 8 am and made its way down to the coast slowly passing through many sites along the route and via bridges and tunnels through the Atlantic Forest. The views are amazing, and the trip is fantastic. We stopped at the “Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cadeado” for more gorgeous views before continuing to Morretes, finally arriving there at about 12 o’clock.

You can book a train day tour from Curitiba to Morretes including lunch via this LINK.

Below is a video from The Travelling Surveyor Instagram showing part of the journey on the train.

Above various views taken from the trip

“Santuário de Nossa Senhora do Cadeado”


My brother was waiting for us at the train station and from there we headed to the centre of Morretes to have lunch at Restaurant Ponte Velha. We wanted to eat the typical dish of the area called “Barreado”. This is a stewed beef prepared in a clay pot for more than 12 hours, which includes bacon and spices, served with rice, manioc flour and bananas. Every time we are in Morretes we go to this restaurant to eat as it is famous as being the best place to eat “Barreado” in Morretes. The restaurant also faces the “Rio Nhundiaquara”, and some tables have lovely views of the river.

Restaurante Ponte Velha

We had a delicious lunch there as always and after lunch we went for a walk around the town.



Morretes is a small historic city with colonial architecture and beautiful natural beauty. It is one of the oldest cities in the state of Paraná and Dom Pedro I, the first Emperor of Brazil (1822 to 1833), stayed in Morretes in one of his trips to the south of Brazil. There are many activities connected with the nature and ecological parks in Morretes and its surroundings. An ideal option if you are spending a few days in the region.

Above various photos of “Morretes”

However, this was not the case for us, and we just explored the historic old town and enjoyed one of their lovely ice-creams while walking by the river and around. With the visit over we took the car and drove to Antonina, which is about 15 km away from Morretes.

Above more “Morretes” photos


Antonina is smaller than Morretes, but also very charming with its colonial buildings and the beautiful St Benedict Church.

“St. Benedict’s Church”

Above various photos of “Antonina”

We parked the car, walked around the historic town, and headed to the “Antonina Bay” where we stopped for some drinks in a bar fronting the bay.

We spent some time watching the boats coming and going, and people watching, before driving back to Pontal do Paraná and enjoying the rest of the sun at my brother’s swimming pool.

A nice barbecue was planned for the evening, washed down by more cold beers! I love being on holiday in Brazil!

Our Barbecue dinner

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Below you will find a list of what to visit, where to stay and where to eat in Morretes and Antonina. I classified each place as follows:

BOLD – Visited, tried and recommended

NOT BOLD – Not visited or tried, but planning to visit or try and heard very good reviews

*** – Excellent

** – Good

* – OK

£££ – Expensive

££ – Fair and affordable

£ – Cheap


1 – Catch the train from Curitiba to Morretes – ***

2 – Walk in the historic centre with colonial architecture – ***

3 – Walk along the river “Nhundiaquara” – ***

4 – Try the typical local dish “Barreado” – ***

5 – Visit the historic centre in Antonina – ***

6 – Visit the St Benedict’s Church – ***

7 – Walk on “Antonina Bay” – ***

8 – Drive on “Estrada da Graciosa” – ***

9 – Visit Paraná Encantado HIGEOPAR (Paraná in miniature)


1 – Refúgio da Mata – £££

2 – Casas Di Monte Ecopousada – ££

3 – Pousada Trilha da Serra – ££

4 – Pousada Camboa Antonina PR – ££

5 – Casa da Mata Eco Lodge – Antonina – ££


1 – Restaurante Ponte Velha – ***

2 – Restaurante Casarão

3 – Restaurante Bistrô da Vila

4 – Le Bistrô – Antonina

5 – Restaurante Buganvil – Antonina

Abandoned “Marumbi Station” on the train route

If you tried any of my recommendations above, please send me a message and tell me about your experience good or bad, so I can update the list accordingly. Thanks!

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